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The SERIOUS COACHING team consists of consultants and coaches, specialized in workplace health promotion and the particular requirements of managers and engineers working in international course of business. Time differences, jet-lag, different cultures are the ever changing general conditions a business traveller has to cope with, making living a healthy lifestyle and diet almost impossible.
  • What can we do to help?
Our consultants have experienced the stringent conditions of management and international business trips themselves and so were able to develop a training opposing the discontinuity of travelling on company business: Keep the feeling of physical fitness, concentrativness, poise and defence readiness... or learn to retrieve these conditions.
  • Health – What is it all about?
A healthy diet and physical fitness seem to be in contradiction to a bustling business life between conference rooms, train stations and international airports.

If one only sees a choice between a snack on the plane, a business lunch or the hotel mini-bar, one will not only loose physical fitness and concentration, but also gain unnecessary weight.

The SERIOUS COACHING team has, driven by its own experience and with the support of nutritionists and sport scientists, developed techniques to avoid the typical pitfalls of business life and contrast the unsteadiness with a tactical program.
  • Your safety
Elaborate rhetoric, good manners, respectable appearance: These talents help gain respect and appreciation among business partners around the world.

In the back roads of a major city or a car park near the airport, however these skills will not be very useful. During a robbery you will be reduced to the value of your watch, the content of your wallet or your luggage.

When one is abruptly confronted with violence, the best way to defend oneself is to react instantaneous, controlled and effectively. Our martial arts instructors will show you, how to effectively parry an attack off and so buy yourself the vital time to escape.
  • What is stress?
An answer could sound like: “Stress is a work-related accompaniment, for which you after all get paid.“ From another perspective stress may be defined, as the imbalance of the individual, mental, physical, as well as emotional pressure, and the ability to counterbalance these.

However you define stress, one thing is for certain, with the sensation of stress you radiate uncertainty, which you should avoid especially in association with business partners: You loose self assurance and charisma, mental freshness and persuasiveness. Inner strength can be learned and trained.

The special stress trainings, developed by SERIOUS COACHING, proved themselves in everyday business life and led to quick results.


Das Training von SERIOUS COACHING hat mir und meinen Mitarbeitern neue Perspektiven und noch mehr Selbstvertrauen verschafft....

- S.J. Siegfried GF / mymedia GmbH

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